PST Password Recovery Features

  • It not only recovers lost password but also repairs damaged or corrupted PST files.
  • It is compatible with every version of window OS such as Window7, VISTA, XP, 2000 etc.
  • Multilingual and extremely encrypted passwords can be recovered easily.
  • Does not require high technical knowlededge and thus is suitable for both experts as well as novice users.

    PST Password Recovery

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Outlook 2010 PST Password Recovery: Get the latest software

Are your PST files inaccessible?

Is it possible to recover the lost password of outlook PST file?

Are you seeking proper tool for outlook 2010 PST password recovery?

Microsoft outlook clients can use password to protect their files form unauthorized access. It becomes impossible to access the data of PST files when password is lost. If you have saved password somewhere, you can get it but if you havenít saved then condition becomes most terrible.

Suppose you are working on a project and you have saved that project file in outlook and protected with a password. Due to some reasons, if you access that file after long period of time and you have forgotten the password. Then access of that file will be denied. There are some other reasons of password loss and they are:

For people who are going through this type of situation they can use Third party PST password recovery tool to restore your lost password. Some of the important features of this PST password recovery tool are as follows:

  • Unable to recall password
  • Corrupted Outlook application
  • Hackers might have changed the password of your account

To recover your lost passwords, the best option is to go for outlook 2010 PST password recovery software which is compatible with every version of Outlook. After recovery of passwords they can be stored on any text editor for instance WordPad, notepad or word. It has the ability to recover twisted passwords also. It never does password recovery at the cost of other files or folders present in outlook. Its graphical user interface is simple and easy to use so that a novice can use it.

It works on the basis of refined scanning algorithms. That is why it is of high-speed. In place of recovery of old password it generates a series of password and user choose his or her password according to their choice. It is compatible with every version of window OS such as Window7, VISTA, XP, 2000 etc.

If you are getting problems in accessing outlook files due to the unavailability of password then, download PST password recovery software and use it.

Step 1 : Launch REMO recover outlook PST software, this can be done either by clicking the desktop program icon or from Start menu program option. This will open the window as shown in the following figure -

Step 2 : Now, click the recover outlook button or the PST file to be recovered is to selected from the select PST file option shown on toolbar.

Step 3 : Now, click the recover Outlook button on the toolbar, on doing so a windows pops up asking for scan type and destination for storing the repaired file. The repair process thereafter takes place and the files are saved onto the location given.

The file is now repaired and can be accessed from the storage location specified.

PST Password Recovery

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